Neurocurrency mining was safe and easy 95% of the time. But if a supplier woke up at the wrong moment they could get seriously pissed off. The man standing by my car with a shotgun was a typical example: grumpy, unreasonable, and cognitively impaired.

He had come to in my van behind a Denny’s on La Cienaga, and at the time I thought he found my claim of being his concerned rideshare driver to be adequately plausible. Certainly I was able to make my exit.

But half an hour later he found me in the west parking lot of the Glendale Galleria and demanded an accounting.

His temples were red and raw. He must have been allergic to the ‘trode gel. His voice was slurred.

“Whaddid yew do to my heeeadd?” He inquired.

I answered by holding up my phone with a transfer glyph displayed.

“Izzat real?” He demanded, squinting at the eight figure sum on the display.

“All yours,” I assured him.

“Okay,” he said, a bit sullenly.

I paid him, gave him a warm bottle of kombucha and sent him on his way.